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The MARC Cars Team is headed by long time racer Geoff Taunton and team manager Alyson Fradgley.

Both have many years experience being part of Australian and International motorsport. Geoff has extensive experience across grass roots motorsport and is passionate about the development of young drivers, providing platforms for their rise to national level competition. Alyson has been involved with the MARC Cars brand since its conception in 2014. Being part of the team since the beginning has allowed her to gain valuable experience in all aspects of team operations both domestically and internationally.

This new partnership will take the MARC Cars brand to a new level, both in Australia and around the world. We are excited to expand our manufacturing capacity and have more cars on the grid in the future.

The team supplies support to both factory racers and customer teams at tracks around the world. The team collectively has many years of experience in all facets of racing - engineering, mechanical and operational - providing a world class experience to everyone that races with us.

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Geoff Taunton

Team Owner / Driver

There was always a bit of a charm to building my own car - my first run in circuit racing was in 2012 with my BDM Cobra that I put together in the shed at home. Unfortunately due to my height - the original car was never going to fit me comfortably so I set out to build another and add 150mm to the body so I could actually drive the thing!

I remember taking my Cobra to Queensland Raceway one weekend to race with Sports sedans and I was garaged next to the MARC Cars. I had a few issues with my car that weekend and watched on as the MARC Cars ran around all weekend with no issues and very little fuss!! 12months later I bought a MARC Focus and was the first customer team outside of MARC Cars Australia. The cars were fantastic - I could work on it at home in the shed, turn up to the track , run around all weekend without a drama, load up and go home.

Then the MARC II arrived on the scene .... And it was love at first sight! Sold the MARC Focus and I ended up purchasing a MARC II in 2019... and then taking over ownership of MARC Cars Australia in 2020.

Alyson Fradgley

Team Manager

My motorsport career began at the bottom ... the work experience kid for Paul Morris Motorsport. My first job involved re arranging & labelling the Parts Store Bolt wall, which I spent a week doing, only to do it wrong and have to do it all over again!! Surprisingly they ended up offering me a full time position and I ended up splitting my time between the parts store and admin / logistics for the team.

I spent 3 years with PMM, which is where I met Ryan McLeod, whom later opened Racer Industries. 12 months after he left to open Racer Industries, I moved across also and assisted with general administration, logistics and parts buying. I moved my way up the ranks over my 10 years there and in this time MARC Cars Australia was developed.

I remember the day the “MARC Cars” name was decided on - in the accountants office as we were signing up the new company and needed to come up with something fast to call the new venture! The rest is history - I have been involved in all aspects of the team at some point since day one - development of the car / concept, logistics of moving the cars & people around the world, race management, parts buying and now team management with Geoff Taunton as the new owner. It has been a really exciting journey to date and there is so much to look forward to moving forward.    

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