Driver Testimonials

Darren Currie - Driver, MRA Motorsport
“The car came from MARC Cars very well prepared and I am stoked with their service.”
Jordan Michels - Driver, Williams Racing Team
“Everything just felt right with the car from the very start  ... [the] team have designed a car that appeals to all drivers because it has no vices and the more you put in the more it gives back - perfect for a multi-driver long distance event where the car has to be easy to drive and adaptable otherwise someone ends up binning it and spoiling everyone’s race.”
James Kaye - Driver

“I only get one test day in the Supercar before our first round in Adelaide, so the opportunity to drive something else in the meantime is really valuable for me ...  The MARC Car isn’t quite as fast as the Supercar, but I’m thinking the power delivery and handling characteristics will be fairly similar - after all, it’s a rear-wheel-drive V8 ... In any case, laps around Bathurst are always valuable so it’s a chance to gain some more track time at the Mountain.”

Dylan O'Keeffe - Driver

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