MARC Cars Australia is pleased to announce its latest addition to the MARC cars stable - the MARC GT.

The MARC GT is an upgrade on the current and very successful MARC Focus & MARC Mazda launched in 2014.

The MARC GT continues to champion the already successful platform of the MARC concept - a cost effective & driver friendly race car suited to both grass roots and professional competitors.

The car is designed and manufactured in partnership with PACE Innovations and showcases a sleek new GT style body.

The MARC GT is the first MARC Car to feature a full-size cockpit for both driver and passenger, opening up options for sponsor ride days and driver training options.


The first 3 chassis’ will be available in March 2023, ready to take part in the new 2023 MARC Cars Championship.

MARC GT Specifications

  • GT Coupe, Front V8 enging, Rear Transaxle with 50/50 front to rear axle weight 
Body Style
  • Common platform chassis. ChromeMoly Space Frame designed &manufactured by PACE Innovations
  • Bolt on front & rear crash structure
Aero Package
  • Front Splitter, Rear Diffuser, Adjustable Rear Wing
  • LS3 Engine - 565 BHP @ 6,100rpm / 528ft-lb of torque @ 5,100rpm
  • Velocity Engineering / Dailey 3-Stage Dry Sump System
  • FAST LSX-R with fly by wire, single throttle body
Engine Management
  • MoTeC ECU & PDM 30
Fuel System
  • Fuel Safe 120LT Fuel Cell
  • Direct feed custom airbox with K&N cone style filter element
  • Stainless Steel Fabricated Exhaust System
  • PWR Twin Radiator Cooling System and Oil to Water Heat Exchanger
  • 6-Speed Sequential Holinger Transaxle
Clutch & Flywheel
  • Tilton 5.5” 3 plate Sintered Clutch & Holinger flywheel
  • Paddle Shift System
Front & Rear Suspension
  • PACE Innovations Modular Upright Double Wishbone Suspension with adjustable ARB
  • Adjustable Ohlins Dampers
Front & Rear Brakes
  • Brembo Forged Calipers and Brembo Rotor / Pad Package
  • Bosch ABS Brake System
  • Tilton Overhung 3 Pedal System with driver adjustable brake bias
  • Electronic Steering Rack with Woodward steering components
Fire Suppression
  • Lifeline Zero 360 Novec™ 1230 Mechanical system
Air Jacks
  • Inboard air jacks with external spike fill
  • Front & Rear Semi Forged 18x11
Data Logging
  • MoTeC M150 ECU
  • GPS Lap Timing
  • Engine Diagnostics
Driver Interface
  • OMP Seat and Harness
Options Available
  • Endurance Refuelling - FUEL SAFE Quick-fill 2” dry-brake system
  • Forged 12x18 rear wheels (NZ Upgrade Only)

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